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Limits only exist in your mind!

The main idea that Alicia transmits to us is that when you decide that you want to achieve some goal, the conviction and strength necessary to break all your barriers arises within you, so if you want something, fight for it until you achieve it.

Right now, I breathe like Alice, I feel like Alice... I AM ALICE !!!

Con solo 14 años he hecho mi debut como primera bailarina en un ballet completo siendo

"Alicia en el país de las maravillas"

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This has been a total team work experience, the most intense I have ever lived. It was my first time as a lead role in a ballet, but I can't imagine this journey without my dearest friends, sharing the stage with me as we always did since we were little girls and also new friends we have had the pleasure to meet these last few years, you all have been absolutely amazing. I am blessed to have you 🌹


I want to thank the amazing audience we had and my closest friends, that were there supporting me in the most special day in my life. To all the people who came to support what we did so our hard work paid off, thank you loads!!!

It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thanks for all your messages, it ment the world to me.🌹

Blessed Line Lettering.

II want to thank Ms Brigitte and Ms Tatiana, my main teachers for all your time, guidance and support. You made me the dancer I am today but also to all the teachers at the ballet school that have been there for me all these years, you know I love you so much.

My final words are for my family, my mum and dad that are always there for me so I can make my dreams come true and my grandparents who came all way from Spain to be here in this special moment.


The Brigitte Gauci Borda special award and 9 months scholarship

With my mentor, Brigitte Gauci Borda

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