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My Dance – journey

Less Than Symbol

My journey through the world of dance has been nothing short of a thrilling adventure. It all began when I was just a little girl of two, living in Spain. I was an incredibly restless girl (and I still am), never able to sit still for a moment. One day, at the tender age of two, my mother played a ballet video on the TV, and I remained still for almost the entire two hours it lasted. When it concluded, I turned to my mother and I stated that I wanted to do that when I grew up. That's when I first fell in love with ballet, sparking a passion that has shaped my entire life.

For me, ballet is a journey into being an artist, a way to become a storyteller using my body and the depth of my emotions (given my innate sensitivity). It's more than just learning steps, it's about exploring what it means to be human and I want to use it to share stories that make people feel something special. I get into classic stories, explore deep emotions, and really try to feel what the characters are feeling. This process allows me to bring more to the stage something beyond mere graceful movements.

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Suddenly, someone takes your hand and... changes your life. And that someone is none other than Nacho Duato, one of the best choreographers in the world whom I have always admired.

The dream became reality when Nacho Duato took me by the hand during an audition and said, "You're in." I have been in shock since that day, and I still can't believe that at 14, I was chosen for this program.

My dancer life

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This is how everything started

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Competitions & shows


TV Shows

In 2020, even with the pandemic going on, I decided to try out for "Malta's Got Talent." I really love performing, and I wanted to show what I could do on a big stage. It was a bit tricky with everything going on, but I was determined to give it a shot during these unusual times

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MG Talent



Limits only exist in your mind!

The main idea that Alicia transmits to us is that when you decide that you want to achieve some goal, the conviction and strength necessary to break all your barriers arises within you, so if you want something, fight for it until you achieve it.

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Na Floresta


In January 2024 I had the magical opportunity to debut with the Nacho Duato Academy performing the beautiful ballet Na Floresta, and I couldn’t be more grateful❤️


It's my favorite ballet, and anyone who knows me well, knows it. One day, I hope to be Giselle, and if it does happen, on that day I'll cry a lot.

It takes us into a world where love heals, betrayal can be redeemed, and the difference between real and supernatural is hard to see. The power of love to break even the barriers between life and death making it a timeless and emotionally powerful masterpiece.

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Shots of my day to day life at the academy

About Me.

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Multidisciplinary artist with training in dance, singing, and acting.

I have a deep passion for the stage, and I find it difficult to choose between my love for dancing, acting, and singing.

So, I make sure to engage in all of them.

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Joven Compañía Nacho Duato


Próximos eventos

5 de junio - Teatro principal de Alicante

15 y 16 de junio - AUDITORIO DE TENERIFE

15 de junio

16 de junio

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